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Present Post
President, Keisen University
Professor Emeritus, Waseda University

Bioethics / Basic and Clinical Bioethics, Comparative Law, Human Rights and Bioethical issues.

The Subject of Study
Basic theory of Bioethics / A clinical case analysis and study.

The Substance
The Cross-Cultural Research and Analysis of Bioethical Problems, such as genetic recombination, in-vitro fertilization, AIDS, brain death and an organ transplant, death and dying, gene therapy in the social, natural, and environmental context. Furthermore, the study of practical solution in formulating the public policy.

A Brief Summary of the Career
Rihito Kimura was born in Tokyo,1934.
He graduated from the department of law and completed the doctoral course (the post graduate course of law) at Waseda University (Tokyo).
Then, taught and had research work at various universities in Asia, Europe, and U.S.A. and Japan. He was a professor of Chulalongkorn University (Thailand), Saigon University (Vietnam), the graduate school of Geneva University (Switzerland), Associate Director of The Ecumenical Institute of WCC (World Council of Churches) and a visiting scholar at The Centre for the Study of World Religions, Harvard University.
Since 1980, he was an adjunct Professor at Department of Family Medicine, Georgetown University Medical school. He held the directorship of International Asian Bioethics Program at the Kennedy Institute of Ethics at Georgetown University. He also was a professor of Bioethics and Law, Department of Human Health Sciences, School of Human Sciences, Waseda University, International Ethics Advisory Committee member of CIOMS (Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences / WHO), The committee member of the editorial staff of "Medical Humanity's Review" (the Medical cultural sciences laboratory at Texas University), Chairperson, Hospital Ethics Committee of Tokyo Metropolitan Government, and Committee Member, Council for Welfare and Health Policy Science, Ministry of Health and Welfare, Government of Japan.

The Works / Translations
Information of the Details
If you click some book-windows,
you can find out some English papers and documents written by Prof. Kimura.

"iwanami-houshakaigaku-kouza,the10th volume" ("The Iwanami lecture of the Social jurisprudence"), joint authorship, Tokyo: Iwanami shoten, Inc., 1973.

"Bioethics-towa-nanika" ("What is Bioethics?"), Kitasato University, Tokyo, 1980.

"Seimeikagaku-wa-Iryou-wo-kaeruka" ("Bioscience changes Medical care?"), joint authorship, Tokyo: Koudansha, Inc., 1984.

"Seimeikougaku-eno-Keikoku" ("The warning against Biotechnology"), translation supervised, Tokyo: Ie-no-Hikari Corporation, 1984.

"Health Policy, Ethics and Human values:An International Dialogue", joint authorship, Geneve: WHO-CIOMS, 1985.

"Inochi-wo-kangaeru: Bioethics-no-susume" ("The consideration to life: The proposition of Bioethics"), publ. Nihon-hyouron-sha, Inc., Tokyo, 1987.
(Of course, his seminar students read this book many times.)

"Genetic Councelling in the World (Ethics and Human Genetics: A Cross-Cultural Perspectives)", joint authorship, New York: Pergamon Press, 1987.

"Bioethics in the International Community", joint authorship, Elsevier Science Publishers (Biomedical division), joint authorship, 1988.

"Bioethical and Socio-legal Aspects of the Elderly in Japan: with Special Reference to Life-Sustaining Technologies", joint authorship, Waseda University Press, 1988.

"Fiduciary Relationships and the Medical Profession: A Japanese Point of View", Georgetown University Press, 1991.

"Jurisprudence in Genetics", joint authorship, Springer-Verlag, Heiderberg, W.G., 1991.

"Conflict and Harmony in Japanese Medicine: A Challenge to Traditional Culture in Neonatal Care", joint authorship, University Publishing Group, Inc., Frederick, Maryland, 1993.

"Asian Perspectives: Experimentation on Human Subjects in Japan-Bioethical Perspectives in a Cultural Context", joint authorship, Council for International Organizations of Medical Sciences, Geneve, 1993.

"Verbrechen gegen die Menschlichkeit: Die veregessene Geschichte Japan", joint authorship, Ethik und Medizin: Was leistet die Kodifizierung von Ethik?, Wallsterin Verlag, Gottingen, Germany, 1997.

In addition, many documents and papers in English, German and Chinese.

The Professor's office
President's Office, Keisen University

The Subject in Charge
Bioethics (The order of nature, life and human being)

A word to Students
Thou shalt appeal, then thou art given everything.

By the way...
His wife, Keiko kimura is active as the international reporter from Washington, D.C. in a radio program, "World Network / NHK radio broadcasting, general (1)". She also writes the follwing books.

"Chiisana-Chikyuzintachi: Kodomo-no-ibunka-communication" ("The Little Earthmen : Children's inter-cultural communications")

"chikyumura-no-shiki: Ibunka-to-deatte" ("The seasons of village 'Earth': The encounter with a strange culture")

"Washington-hatsu: chikyumura-network" ("From Washington, D.C.: The village 'Earth' network")
(Any book is published by Nihon-hyoron-sha, Inc., Tokyo, Japan.)

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Translated into English by Naoto Kawahara (Waseda Univ.)