Jahrbuch für Recht und Ethik [Annual Review of Law and Ethics ], Band 4, Duncker & Humblot / Berlin, 1996, pp. 529-552.

Advance Care Planning and the ALS Patient: A Cross-Cultural Perspective on Advance Directives

Robert S. Olick, Rihito Kimura, Jan T. Kielstein,
Hideaki Hayashi, Marc Riedl and Mark Siegler


I. Introduction
II. The Nature of ALS
III. Developing A Care Plan: The Physician-Patient-Family Relationship in the U.S., Germany and Japan
__________A. The Physician-Patient-Family Relationship
__________B. Respiratory Support and Home Ventilation
__________C. Withholding and Withdrawing Respiratory Support
__________D. The Totally Locked-in State
IV. Advance Directives in Cultural Context
__________A. Legitimation of Advance Directives in Law
__________B. Public and Professional Attitudes About Advance Directives/A>
C. Making Informed Choices/A>
D. Respect for Advance Directives/A>
E. When Patients Change Their Minds/A>
V. Conclusion
Additional References

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